Wednesday, 6 December 2017

From indie author to indie publisher

I had an ambition for 25 years and when I finally achieved it, it was a real tick on the 'to-do list' - that was how I felt when I published my first book, Through Time To London, last year.

This year I've been able to help my partner achieve the same ambition with his book, The Ghost of the Fishersgate Mariner.

Peter had already written the first few chapters before we met and so it was quite funny that we found we were both writing time-travel adventure stories and that we both had a character with the same name 'Jed'. Here's the back-cover blurb:

It is 1934. Fourteen year old Billy Burton lives on a council estate in Fishersgate. This is near to a seafaring port where folklore tells the story about the Ghost of the harbour, an honest mariner, who died a terrible death at the hands of eighteenth-century pirates.

One afternoon, Billy sees a vision of `The Ghost` rowing a small boat across the calm waters of the harbour. He runs along the docks to find his twenty-one-year-old brother and friends, to tell them what he has seen. Soon they are in search of the Ghost of the Fishersgate mariner. They navigate their hired rowing boat into one of the lock-gate compounds and become trapped when the giant gates unexpectedly close behind them.

The waters in the lock begin to drain away. Down and down they go in their little rowing boat. Somehow, Billy, his brother Terry, girlfriend Lilly and friend Nathan find themselves travelling back in time - more than two hundred years.

This book is full of adventure, good & bad characters, battles at sea and a quest to find the missing Second Chapter. 

Once Peter had finished the first draft we set about editing it ready for publication, uploading to Amazon for kindle and taking delivery of the final printed copies. It's been a busy few months but finally, last week, publication day arrived and all the pre-ordered signed copies were sent out.

It makes a great Christmas present for anyone who enjoys a good adventure story. The paperback is available through the website or kindle

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