Saturday, 2 September 2017

School Surprise Book Box

One of my highlight this year has been school visits to talk about writing my first children's novel. I decided to go to my old primary school that I left in 1969 for a nostalgic look back and to see how much it has changed. 

A lot as it happens.

It is now an academy, they now wear a uniform but the emphasis is still very much on the basics of reading & writing and it was lovely to see all the books around the school and the library they now have, which used to be the changing rooms.

I know funds are always a premium in schools and so this year I have decided to send a surprise book box once a month with new(ish) books to add to the library. Today I collected the books for September's box and hope they really enjoy them. They look so good I'm tempted to have a read myself before I send them off. 

I'd love the idea to catch on and for others to start to do the same.