Wednesday, 9 August 2017

#bookshop #chuckle

Writing books for children requires an element of research - which equates to a need to read children's books to see what else is out there, what current trends are, what is appropriate language etc.

With this in mind I recently placed an order for 5 books from my local bookstore. I was not in any rush for them, so didn't give much thought that it had been a few weeks and I hadn't had a call to say they were  in to be collected.

Yesterday I realised how long it has been so dropped them an email asking if they were having trouble with the order, thinking maybe one was out of stock.

For some reason the reply I received made me chuckle.

We ordered them in, and then as we were away and someone else was in for a week, they put them on the shelves and they sold, so we had to order them again.

Oh, the joys of running a bookshop.

Happily they are all in stock now and I can pick them up at the weekend.


At least can I be happy with my choices.