Tuesday, 6 June 2017

#ukteenchat A Twitter Chat Lurker

For several years I have heard the term hashtag this hashtag that and never understood what it was all about. As an author, (it still gives me a thrill to say that), I read all the time that I need to build an on-line presence. As part of that I started to use Twitter and will be the first to admit to being a little like a rabbit caught in headlights.

O.M.G. What on earth am I doing here.

Gradually, I began to get the hang of it and, as many newbies probably do, I struggled to add hashtag references to most of what I posted and felt quite reluctant to butt in to other people's conversations.

A few months on and I am on and off Twitter throughout the day, happy to join in conversations, add a variety of hash tags and generally no longer resemble a rabbit caught in headlights...

Until I try to join in a chat. I have tried this a couple of times and tonight I saw that there was #ukteenchat between 8 & 9pm. OK, I'll have a look. I had every intention of lurking in the background as I try to follow what goes on. I have difficulty working out where questions are showing and where the replies are. I can follow a couple of threads and will admit that I didn't lurk for long, but I can;t work out if my computer isn't set up right because my iphone pings constantly with comments that I can't see on my computer. I have a workable process by having both my phone and laptop on Twitter, so that as I see a new comment showing on my phone I know to go looking for it on the computer, but after about half an hour I'm back to rabbit in headlight state.

I enjoyed conversing with many new people tonight and look forward to trying to join in again, but really feel there has to be an easier way to see what is happening and that I am missing a trick somewhere.

I think I need a Dummies Guide to Twitter!


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